Разговорен английски с американец (native speaker)

Преподавателят е с богат опит в преподаването на английски език.
Курсът е предназначен за курсисти, които отговарят на средно ниво на владеене на английски (B1 – B2) по Европейската езикова рамка за компетенции.

30 учебни часа разпределени в 10 занятия по 3 учебни часа (45′)
Веднъж седмично в рамките на 2 месеца и половина.

График на провеждане:

Веднъж седмично x 3 учебни часа в продължение на 2 месеца и половина

English with native speaker

“As a native English speaker, I have the luxury of communicating with an unofficial world language. English has enabled me to converse with nationals from distant reaches of the world, which I am very happy and grateful for.
I have a diverse teaching experience with students from different ages, nationalities, backgrounds; students with different interests, goals and English skills. I really enjoy working with Bulgarian students, because they are particularly ambitious, persistent and smart.
I don’t speak Bulgarian, but my teaching results so far have shown that this is for the Bulgarian students’ benefit, since they get used to communicating strictly in English much faster.
Few words about my background: I have lived in large metropolitan areas (New York city, New Delhi, Istanbul, and Cairo). I graduated from a Canadian university for my business degree, have studied history in New York City’s Brooklyn College, attended Cairo’s American University Arabic program, and am a certified CELTA instructor. I have been teaching in Sofia for the last year with 2 different schools for General English courses, conversational courses, and Business English courses. “
Eric Jensen.

цена: 400 лв

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